As a result of the wild fires and an evacuation of the Nicomen First Nation Community, the Election process has been postponed for 30 days subject to the danger of wildfires to the community has been eliminated. The Nomination Meeting has now been tentatively re-scheduled for August 30, 2021 in the Band Hall, located at 1054 Spence Road, Nicomen, B.C. beginning at 4:00 o’clock and lasting for at least three hours, for the purpose of nominating a Chief and candidates for positions on the Band Council of the said Band for the next ensuing term. TWO (2) Councillor Positions and ONE (1) position for Chief are available.

The election will be held at The Nicomen Band Hall Located at 1054 Spence Road, Nicomen, B.C. on October 13, 2021.

In the event wild fires continue to be a hazard to the community, the nomination meeting and the election will be re-scheduled.

Please note that any Elector may nominate candidates by using a mail-in nomination form. Electors residing off-reserve may nominate or run as a candidate for the position of Chief and Council. You can either deliver or mail-in written nomination forms and completed, signed and witnessed voter declaration forms to the electoral officer before the time set for the nomination meeting OR you may nominate candidates orally at the nomination meeting. Mailed nominations not received by the electoral officer before the time set for the nomination meeting are void. Also note that any voter may vote by mail-in ballot.

All Nicomen First Nation Members, 18 years or older, are eligible to vote in the election.

Given under my hand at Delta, B.C. this 16th day of July, 2021

Electoral Officer
Phone number: 604-786-2512
TOLL FREE:: 1-800-813-2173

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