HVC Resume Applications, Submissions, Wait lists

If you have been pre-qualified and waiting to hear from HVC for employment, please contact them again and see if you are still on list. Nicomen Band has heard that a pile of resumes at office was misplaced and is now found but to ensure that your resume is still in list, follow up and ensure yours is still there.

Also, the website for HVC/TECK - Talent Site/community is another place where applicants can sign up for work opportunity. Caution on this website and what is not mentioned is  that your application only stays on for a year. Nicomen Band is trying to find out about what length of year is it. A fiscal year, ending December 31 of each year, or up to a year after you submit your application. This will be answered when Nicomen Band gets the answer.

So, please follow up and ensure that you are still on the list if you are applying for employment at HVC

Chief Donna Aljam