The Indigenous Human Service Diploma prepares students with a career in non-profit agencies, Indigenous communities, and government. Graduates will be able to provide support and assistance to individual, families, and communities coping with economic disadvantage, mental health issues, developmental, gender and diversity issues, as well as challenges such addictions, family change and involvement with the justice system.
Students who wish to continue their education have the opportunity to ladder into the Social Work Degree Program at NVIT. The Diploma will be available at the Merritt campus or off campus in Indigenous communities.

The Indigenous Human Services Diploma Program aims to provide graduates with:
• a basic understanding of trauma-informed practice
• human service theory and practice within a colonization and decolonization context
• excellent interpersonal communication skills
• a professional manner
• empathy and caring attitude
• an understanding of problems and issues of individuals and families in the Indigenous and non Indigenous social environment
• social work principles and ethics
• problem solving abilities
• an ability to work effectively in groups
• a knowledge of social policy from a decolonization perspective
• a combination of academic, experiential and community based learning that focuses on the theory and practice of delivering basic social service from a decolonization perspective
• skills for self care

The Indigenous Human Service Diploma is delivered over four terms in two years and consists of five courses per term. The delivery model will consist of classroom instruction and two field practicums. Students who wish to continue to the BSW program can opt out of the practicums and maximize their Arts credits to meet the requirements of the BSW program.

Classroom concepts may be evaluated through written exams, assignments, class participation, presentations. Practica will be evaluated by the Instructor, placement and student.

Student’s knowledge and competencies are evaluated by written exams, assignments, and/or classroom participation. Performance is assessed by instructor observations of students in work experience situations. All courses are evaluated per the NVIT Grading System. (See page 10 of this guide.)

Learners will receive a diploma upon successful completion of the required courses within the program. A minimum 2.00 GPA for course work in the diploma program is required to graduate.

Applicants are encouraged to meet academic requirements before program entry. All assignments required for the Diploma program will be requested in typed format, therefore, keyboarding skills/computer literacy skills prior to entry are strongly recommended.

The Indigenous Human Service Program admits 25 students who begin study in September. Applicants will need to meet the general, education and personal readiness requirements.
All qualified applicants have their program plan reviewed by a faculty advisor and/or an academic planner who are able to provide advice regarding the selection of appropriate full and part-time options.
NVIT is committed to ensuring education is accessible to all people. Students who do not meet program requirements should contact the Department Head or an NVIT Academic Planner regarding upgrading opportunities.

1. Grade 12 or equivalent, mature student status
2. C+ minimum in English 12 or English 060 or equivalent assessment.


1. Age: applicants must be 19 years old by the start of the program or permission from program
2. Two letters of reference
3. For other general admission requirements see the following link http://www.nvit.ca/about/policies/secivadmissionfees/c33generaladmissionrequirements.htm

Stein Valley Nlakapamux School’s application for ASETS funding has been approved for NVIT’s Aboriginal Human Service Worker certificate program.

The program is set to run from Oct. 28, 2020 – July, 2021. There are a limited amount of seats so contact either myself at (250) 453-0093 or SVNS’s School Administrator, Edith Loring-Kuhanga at (250) 455-2522 asap.

ASETS can also provide financial support to people that are unemployed or under employed (working less than 20hrs/week) if they meet the criteria. If this is needed, please have them contact me asap to get the application started.