First Nations Housing &
Infrastructure Council For BC

Prizes include: 10 prizes of $100

FNHIC-BC Photography Contest
FNHIC-BC wants to showcase your photography.
What does home mean to you? Upload your photos, short videos and artwork for a chance to win.

Contest Rules;
• Must be from a BC First Nation
• Submissions may include photos, artwork or short videos
• You must submit your own original work
• No photos of people
• 2 entries per person
• Must include a photography contest form (link below)

For more information:
Information corner
• Housing and infrastructure has been designed and delivered by the federal government for more than 70 years
• In spite of many programs and funding opportunities, in general the system has failed to deliver satisfactory housing and
infrastructure services in First Nations
• First Nations are moving towards self determination—towards designing and delivering their own services in all aspects of their
communities—education, child and family services, health and housing and infrastructure
• In 2016 INAC Minister Carolyn Bennett announced that Canada was getting out of the business of delivering services to First
Nations communities. She said the authority would be transferred to First Nations institutions.
• In 2019 Indigenous Services Canada was tasked with managing those transfers.
• In 2018 the BC First Nations Leadership groups gave a mandate to FNHIC-BC to develop a First Nations organization that would take
over the delivery of housing and infrastructure services to First Nations in BC. Similar groups are doing the same work all across the
• FNHIC-BC is building the organization—it is not the organization.
What’s happening now?
• FNHIC-BC is engaging with First Nations to nd out how they want their housing and infrastructure services delivered—what sort
of organization do they want

What FNHIC has heard so far?
• BC First Nations want to design and deliver their own services
• They want the First Nations organization that replaces ISC to provide the mechanisms, programs, supports and tools so they have
choices and opportunities to deliver successful services

Invitation to the website. Check out our engagement sessions—you are invited