NNTC Leadership Meeting

July 22, 2021


  1. Conservation Concerns
  2. Outlook/Status for 2021
  3. 2021 Management Objectives
  4. Review of run timing
  5. Fishery Planning

BC Chinook – Conservation Concerns

  • Conservation concerns for many (not all) Chinook populations:
  • Regional pattern of reduced stock productivity (i.e. decreased marine survival, younger age at maturity,  reduced size at age, and lower fecundity)
  • Coast-wide declines in and below average escapement over last 10-15 years
  • Warm Pacific Ocean “blob”, El Nino and other anomalous ocean conditions since 2014 may be cause of reduced marine survival of Pacific salmon. Effect of these conditions on Fraser Chinook expected to be seen at least through 2024.
  • COSEWIC Status

View Full Powerpoint Presentation (PDF):  2021 Fraser River Chinook Managemetn - July 22nd, 2021